When driving up to the Club, the Office is the first place people see.  It is the physical hub of the Club — with many other key facilities located nearby in different directions — the Clubhouse, the Stables, the Tennis and Paddle Courts.
The Office was rebuilt in 2014, and its rustic architecture and indoor/outdoor floor plan reflect the spirit of the Club. It houses the central Club offices where the Club Manager and his first rate team make sure the Club hums.  Members come and go regularly — to get mail/packages, read the newspaper, relax, play ping pong or just pass through to get from one activity to another.  Immediately outside the Office is a covered, open-air area that includes a fireplace and fire pit and foosball table; it overlooks a large grass area known as the Oval, a gathering and play area for members and guests, where it is common to find people enjoying games like tag, flag football, soccer and baseball.