Philosophy and Emblem
Club Philosophy
The Gipsy Trail Club of Carmel, New York occupies a thousand acres of woodland and lake. Here neither man nor machine have left scars of exploitation. A thousand acres of sanctuary, where the fox, the squirrel, the rabbit and the deer move unhindered and in perfect security. Along these trails and along these sheltered waters the tumult of industry is forgotten. Here may be found respite from the endless struggle for supremacy or for gain. Here in the presence of nature’s eloquent simplicity, the rigidities of life lose their meaning and informality of manner and dress come to represent an essential appropriateness. Here throughout the summers and the winters members can relax in quiet and seclusion. Their companions will be men and women of their own preference; men and women who find in these contacts with elemental earth and sky strength for the body and inspiration for the soul.
Club Emblem
Gipsy Trail Club is full of tradition and devotion to a way of life – love of the outdoors. Its emblem itself tells a story. It was created by Club member and famous artist/illustrator Ernest Hamlin Baker who joined Gipsy Trail Club in 1925. In seeking an emblem to symbolize an outdoor care-free life, it's based on symbols once left on trees to indicate good camping grounds.
To that figure was added a circle to represent our lake, Pine Pond, which was the magnet that comprises the Club grounds.
Finally, according to legend, the ancient nomad used to use a single bar to indicate "leave all cares behind"
So, when you put that all together you have our Club emblem:
1. Good camping (diagonal lines)
2. The lake (the circle)
3. Leave care behind (the underscore)