Children's Activities
The children's activities at Gipsy Trail are extensive, engaging and fun. We offer a variety of activities for kids throughout the year -- led by experienced staff as well as member volunteers.
The children's activities are seasonal and run in parallel with the Gipsy Trail calendar at large (e.g., hayride and pumpkin carving on Halloween weekend; ginger bread house and dreidel making during the winter holidays).   We also offer childcare/activities when parents have other special functions to attend.
Summer is a particularly busy season for children at Gipsy Trail.  Offerings during the summer include: swim lessons and clinics, camp, tennis lessons and clinics, riding lessons and clinics, sailing clinics and a week-long intensive musical theater program.  Most of the programming is built around Gipsy Trail's camp known as Kelly Camp.
Kelly Camp is a unique experience that has been enjoyed by member children for generations.  Kids of all ages join together and create life-long friendships.  They design personalized artwork, explore nature, swim across Pine Pond, learn archery, often sing while they kayak and play games (dodgeball and capture the flag are club favorites).  The campers may take part in weekly camp outs -- sleeping in tents under the stars and enjoying BBQ's and s'mores.  It is a flexible experience, geared around those who are attending.
Children's Activity Director and Waterfront Manager, Kelly Joyce, is Gipsy Trail's extraordinary camp counselor, nature expert, lifeguard (and so much more).  She is universally adored by all and has been with the Club since 1995 -- overseeing Kelly Camp and many other children's activities throughout the year (e.g., pumpkin carving for Halloween and fun evening dinners when parents have other special functions to attend).  Kelly will not only teach your children how to swim, kayak, build campfires and juggle - but she will also root for them in all events, grow with them, build their confidence and make sure they behave politely and kindly to their fellow campers.  
Beyond all the planned programming for kids, children are incredibly fortunate to have a safe campus to navigate.  They gain independence by finding their own way around campus --  not only to participate in the various organized activities offered -- but also to create their own fun, by spending time at any number of campus locations such as: one of the Gipsy Trail playgrounds; Senior Camp (Kelly Camp facilities) or the Oval (large grass area outside the Office), where kids play pick up games of all kinds including Frisbee, tag, basketball, soccer, flag football or baseball; and friends' cabins. 
Throughout the year, children are a real focus at Gipsy Trail.  The Club aims to accommodate families and children of all ages.
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