Social Functions/Events
The Gipsy Trail community is a very active and engaged group of members who organize activities, participate in activities and enjoy entertainment opportunities throughout the year. 
There are countless daily/weekly athletic opportunities at the Club depending on the season, including, tennis, paddle tennis, hiking, cross country skiing, trap shooting, fishing, sailing, swimming, biking, ice skating, yoga, as well as regularly scheduled activities ranging from a Bridge Club to a Book Club.
Beyond these, the Club often organizes special holiday events (including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, July 4th).  In addition to special meals at the Club's restaurant on these days, there are often holiday-specific activities for the kids (ranging from Halloween pumpkin carving to Easter egg hunts to July 4th potato sack races).  
The Club also offers member-sponsored theme nights for dinners throughout the year which include special  menus, decorations, trivia and other games (e.g., Italian Night, French Night, Hoedown with square dancing).  
The Club also organizes special entertainment throughout the year, such as cabaret night with Member participants and visiting artist/musician performances.
Every Tuesday during the summer, members and Guests have a pot luck dinner on the beach.  Occasionally other activities for the kids will be incorporated, such as fishing -- with instruction and equipment provided.
Another very special Member tradition is the annual Horse Show Ball Raffle at the Clubhouse.  It is a yearly dinner and fundraising activity to benefit the Gipsy Trail Stables where members donate creative gifts that are raffled off to other Members.
Children's activities are a major focus at the Club. Beyond those regularly scheduled and holiday specific activities mentioned above, member children have the opportunity to participate in various GTC summer programs (e.g. Kelly's Activity and Adventure Weeks, Riding Clinics, Sailing Clinics).  Throughout the year (weather permitting), they also participate in age and skill-based tennis clinics as well as horseback riding lessons.
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July 4th Beach Party